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11.3.06 - 9.34am


Ok I finally got all of the SNL clips up to view and you don't have to wait to dl them.  They are all up in photobucket (I finally figured out what I was doing wrong...thanks photobucket team!) so I went video crazy.  I also included some other juicy tidbits like when House gets conned into speaking to the cop in Cuddy office, when House gets arrested.  The next are painful to watch but Hugh's acting is so incredible: from last season where House goes through withdrawal and slams that pestle onto his hand, from where House has a heart attack and where he has just come out of surgery on his leg and is in horrible pain.  I have also included my own video for the piece of fanfic I wrote.  The list and links are as follows:

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Hugh Laurie SNL videos up! [
10.29.06 - 4.37pm

I put up clips from last night's appearance of Hugh on SNL.  The links are as follows...





More to follow as I get them done!

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Veronica Mars is Almost Back :D [
3.3.06 - 3.05pm

[ mood | blah ]

It's not yet but almost! As new episodes of Veronica Mars are returning this month (15/03/06) I thought i'd post this interview of Kristen Bell on Jimmy Kimmel (11/05), please enjoy "adorable little Kristen Bell" ...

Kristen Bell GravyCollapse )

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Wednesday's Ratings [
2.20.06 - 2.54pm

[ mood | tired ]

OK so i'm a little slow I was going to post Friday but didn't get a chance don't worry the gravy is worth the wait - trust me.

I wanted to share Wednesday's (15/02/06) ratings because it's a really great TV night.
From 8.30pm it's really great TV 7 - Prison Break, 9 - Without a Trace , 10 - House and ABC - Spicks and Little Britain.Also Foxtel has AUS Next Top Model (but lets not talk about that I have an addiction).

9.30pm is pretty sweet as well 7 - Winter Olympics, 9 - ER, 10 - NCIS and ABC -Glasshouse and At the Movies. Foxtel = Miss Match I can't help myself.

Read more...Collapse )


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A gift from me to me ... and to you. [
2.14.06 - 1.19pm

[ mood | flirty ]

♥ Since it's valentines day I thought i'd share some lovely hot boy gravy it's fairly random.

Valentine's GravyCollapse )

Hope you enjoy!

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AD video treats [
2.13.06 - 11.10pm

[ mood | amused ]

A few AD treats to mourn the loss of one of the best sitcoms ever produced.

AD ad - spoof of 24
American viewers who watched the final (sob) eps of AD last Friday have probably already seen this. But for the benefit of those of us who use ahem*other*ahem means to watch our favourite shows, here's a little treat. It was aired during 24, promoting the last two eps of AD (sob).
Blindfolded Bateman

David Cross, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat on Carson Daly
Interview treat

The divine Tony Hale and Michael Cera in a Mad TV skit
Same trashy programming but with a sophisticated accent

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Air-bands rock! [
2.11.06 - 12.07am

[ mood | amused ]

I hope you all caught ep 9 of season 5 of Scrubs. If you haven't... what are you waiting for? mush! mush!

Whether you've experienced the air-band heaven of ep 9 or not, click for some truly Scrubalicious gravy...Collapse )

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RIP...? [
2.9.06 - 10.31pm

[ mood | curious ]

We'd like to kick off our shiny new community with the devastating rumour that one of our very favourites is soon to find its resting place behind the pearly gates of TV heaven.

Is it true? Is this the end?

Mourners welcome... Naysayers even more welcomeCollapse )

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