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We'd like to kick off our shiny new community with the devastating rumour that one of our very favourites is soon to find its resting place behind the pearly gates of TV heaven.

Is it true? Is this the end?

Please say it isn't so!

And of course, we didn't forget the gravy...
Tags: arrested development, rumours, scenes, video
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Well all I can say is I hope it's rumour! Also love the chicken dance hilarious!

I love AD it's so smart, silly non watchers.
Even with my sound not working thats still fucking funny. :D
I love the chicken dance!

As for the rumour, I desperately hope it isn't true! I've been trying to find some more accurate information. I also heard a rumour that maybe it's moving to another network? That's the rumour I'm rooting for ;D
So sad about this. Hee - chicken dance!