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Wednesday's Ratings

OK so i'm a little slow I was going to post Friday but didn't get a chance don't worry the gravy is worth the wait - trust me.

I wanted to share Wednesday's (15/02/06) ratings because it's a really great TV night.
From 8.30pm it's really great TV 7 - Prison Break, 9 - Without a Trace , 10 - House and ABC - Spicks and Little Britain.Also Foxtel has AUS Next Top Model (but lets not talk about that I have an addiction).

9.30pm is pretty sweet as well 7 - Winter Olympics, 9 - ER, 10 - NCIS and ABC -Glasshouse and At the Movies. Foxtel = Miss Match I can't help myself.

So the top ten ratings (thanks to Get Your Fix) are:
1.Prison Break 1,460,000

2.House 1,425,000

3.Seven News 1,405,000

4. Today Tonight 1,394,000

5. McLeod's Daughters 1,315,000

6. Home And Away 1,257,000

7. A Current Affair 1,209,000

8. Jamie's Great Italian Escape 1,186,000

9. NCIS 1,160,000

10. The Biggest Loser 1,157,000

Note Without A Trace and ER are 14 and 15.

So I'm pretty impressed Prison Break is up there considering it a new show and it's good but in my opinion it could be better (Wentworth makes up for any not so greatness) so to celebrate here's Wentworth on Leno.

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Wentworth goodness! ♥
Delicious gravy ;)